Voices Keep Calling God’s Children

Voices keep calling God’s children
      To wander from His way.
Images keep on appearing,
      Seeking their will to sway.

Does the way seem too stony?
      Is the path very rough?
Does your whole being cry out:
      “Surely it is too tough '”?

Do the world’s lights allure you?
      Have you turned from the plough?
Is your light burning dimly?
      Stop! —Seek your Master now.

Perhaps it is wealth and power,
      Or just a life of ease.
Satan has many draw cards
      By which he aims to please.

Demas had left the pathway;
      Satan had gained his goal
When Paul’s mourned fellow worker
      Let the world rob his soul.

Flee from the tempter’s whispers.
      Cling to the narrow way
That you can face your Maker
      On the Great Judgment Day.

~Jenny Daniel