Unkind I’ve been to parents, brother, sister.
In word and deed, I hurt them every day.
So many things that could have eased their burdens
I’ve left undone upon my selfish way.

I did not heed, dear Lord, Thy earnest pleading
That I would love, forgive; be tender, kind.
If I neglect Thy clear and strict injunction,
I to Thy mercy will be cruelly blind.

For Thou did’st pay for my soul the full ransom.
With Thy own blood the sacrifice was made.
Thy body bruised and scourged and broken
For me, thy form upon the cross was laid.

Can I who humbly sought Thy great forgiveness
Keep back my own from those who anger me?
Can I who tasted Thy compassion
Towards a brother, sister, humbled be?

~Jenny Daniel