Things Have Gone Wrong

Things have gone wrong, weary pilgrim,
       But is it sin at your door?
Judgment has heavily fallen;
       Seek God; His mercy implore.

Things have gone wrong, but life's transient.
       Heaven awaits farther on.
Lift up your eyes, He is coming,
       Rest your sad lot there upon.

Things have gone wrong --- men are watching,
       Will you victorious be?
Will they seek God by your actions?
       What do their silent eyes see?

Things have gone wrong; Satan's gloating.
       You will not stand this great trial,
But heaven looks for endurance,
       Gods grace to traverse each mile.

Things have gone wrong; you are trying
       To work things outside God's will,
Blocking his persistant warnings;
       Will you God's tender voice still?

Things have gone wrong; seek the reason.
       Can you with confidence say,
They were not born of your doing,
       Your conscience's clear on this day?

If so, dear child, rest your burdens
       Full on your dear Saviour's breast.
There you will find his enabling,
       Child, to survive every test.

~ Jenny Daniel