I Did Not Take the Time

I did not take the time, dear Lord
      To read Thy precious word,
And thus my heart has colder grown;
      My conscience not been stirred.

I did not find the treasures
      That Thou had sent to me,
Because I did not look for them
      In Thy word, earnestly.

I did not find Thy comfort,
      I stumbled on the road,
I groaned beneath my burdens,
      I reaped as I had sowed.

Ah Lord, my great neglecting
      Of Thee, Thy word, Thy will
Has made the Spirit’s whisper
      Become so deathly still.

And thus I turn repentant.
      I will redeem the time.
I’ll read Thy word , obey it;
      I’ll treasure every line.

~Jenny Daniel