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Jesus Witness (JW) no 1 - Today in South Africa I spoke to someone about salvation. Interestingly in USA I have met many such people in the "Bible Belt" who are practicing drunkards and fornicators ,yet believe they are born again 3 times and proud of it.

They live in sin and 'follow God' which is like going in two directions at the same time and kinda hard. They say they follow God with their mouth, but walk away from him with their feet.

In South Africa many people go to the witch Doctor on one day and when they meet a Christian they say "Amen" and "Hallelujah" to every thing you say on Jesus, sin , repentance, heaven, eternity and Hell.

There are in fact 2 typical reactions when you try to witness to someone who is a false Christian.

The the first reaction is they condemn you with words "Don't Judge" or give a cold look.

The second reaction is to heartily agree with everything you say. 'Amen and Hallelujah' is their dictionary when speaking to you !

In Pilgrims progress such a man was called talkative

I quote from John Bunyan :

"This man is for any company, and for any talk; as he talks now with you, so will he talk when he is on the ale bench; and the more drink he hath in his crown, the more of these things he hath in his mouth; religion hath no place in his heart, or house, or conversation; all he hath lieth in his tongue, and his religion is to make a noise therewith."

AS I mentioned I was speaking to a women today about salvation and she said amen to everything. Often we think " wow this must be a good Christian" .

In the Pilgrims progress a good Christian almost was deceived by talkative - i.e. Mr faithful.

For the sake of love we should dig a little deeper when people agree with every thing we say.

"How where you saved ?" Is a good question. "What happened when you were saved ?" is another ! ( Fruit? ) Now this will offend many, but truly saved people should not be offended by such glorious questions !

I sometimes feel like responding to "amen amen amen amen" with "Dear Maam if you put an 'amen' sticker on a poison bottle would you give it to Jesus to drink ? "

That's us ! We were born with a poisoned nature. Going to church and saying amen does not change that ! Saying a prayer does not change it. Believing in God in your head does not change it. You cannot just praise the water if you are thirsty, pray to the water if you are thirsty , or believe the water exists. You have to take the step of faith to drink the water if you are thirsty. You can believe the dead sea water will carry you , yet not experience it if you don't take the step of faith to get down into the water and trust it with your whole body.

Do you realize your need ? A king has been rebelled against. He is not an earthly king that you can hide your secret sins from . He sees everything. He is not an earthly king that is limited in power. He is all powerful. He is eternal. He is the creator and we are the creatures and we must be willing to surrender to him. Our biggest problem is we are like sheep that are going our own way. This leaves us guilty and dead ! We go to church yet go our own way ! Rebels deserve infinite punishment for their life compared to the infinitely Holy God. God made a way that rebels can be reconciled to Him. He made a way of peace. That way is Jesus Christ who lived and died to buy our pardon and rose again that we might live. You ask me how I know He lives. He lives within my heart.

Roy Daniel

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