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Christian Text Testimonies

Welcome to the Christian Text testimonies section of the audio sermon website. It is amazing to know that God never changes and the same person who radically set people free from the power of a sinful heart and forgave their sins based on the finished work of Christ Jesus alone is the one who can and is willing to do the same today. In fact He is not only waiting and knocking to enter in, He is actively to His Holy glory working in men's hearts to realise their desperate need of a Svior and draw them unto Him. Where will you be in 30 years ? Richer , poorer, promoted ? The less asked question is far more important i.e. Where will you be in 200 years ! In Heaven or Hell ? With Jesus or in eteernal righteousness punishment for your rebellion again the Holy Almighty creator God. Read these Testimonies with the knowledge as the old song says "It is no secret what God can do ! What he has done for others He can do for you !!!"

Christian Poets

Welcome to the Christian Poets section of There are over 1700 poems in our Christian Poets section. You will find poets such as John Wesley, John Bunyan, Jennifer Daniel, Glen Conjurske, William Cowper and many others. These poets are from a wide time period of History and are all chosen for having both a clear Testimony of Salvation and for their God given gift of writing inspiring Christ Centred Poems. There are also over 312 more poems searchable by category in our Christian Poems section here  (i.e. click button) :

Ezra Brainard Poems

Ezra Brainard was raised in a Christian family in northern Wisconsin. Ezra embraced personal faith in the Lord Jesus when he was 12. As a teenager he began proclaiming the good news to whoever would listen. Ezra now preaches regularly in his home church, assists with publishing Nathan Tracts, and continues to witness as he has opportunity.

Nita Brainard Poetry


Nita Brainard was raised in North Dakota. She attended a Lutheran college and found Christ there. Nita Brainard was saved in 1980. She began writing poetry in 1992. She now lives with her husband, Lee Brainard in Harvey, North Dakota. Lee and Nita Brainard fellowship at the gospel chapel in Harvey. They have four grown children and an increasing number of grandchildren.

Christ and Salvation Nita Brainard POEMS

Nita Brainard has written humble , yet amazing poems about Jesus Christ and His precious salvation , offered to us freely based on the finished work of Christ and the glorious grace that we receive in His person alone. May God bless you through the poems in this section of NIta Brainard's poems and may you truly know the sweet presence that comes not through feelings, experiences, the law or nature, but through the person and work of Christ in your life. He never changes, but would have us change into His image by His Spirit based on his word day by day.

Faith and Consecration Nita Brainard Poems

We truly hope and pray that you are blessed by all the media on this site , but especially the poems written by Nita Brainard about our faith and also the consecration of the heart and life changed by that faith. Faith in and of itself does not change us . God changes us in response to our faith in Him i.e. God in His Son. What a glorious saviour we have and what a tremendous privillege to know God through Jesus Christ by faith alone. Amen

God and Eternity Nita Brainard Poems

 Welcome to the Poems of Nita Brainard that are on the Topic of the God of the Bible and the fact that beyond and before time there is Eternity. God Himself has the attribute that He is eternal . This effects what He does and our understanding of both who he is and His dealings with mankind. We truly hope and pray that God will bless you through these simple yet profound poems not about man, but about the God who created the Heaven and the earth , amen. May God truly use these simple words to His glory alone.

Prayer and Praise Nita Brainard Poems

Prayer and Praise are central themes in the Bible and their object is God. Nita Brainard writes poems on the Biblical importance of prayer and praise and the means of meeting with God , communing with God and uplifting who God is and what He has done in prayer and praise. We hope and pray that God will use this section of poems written by a mom and grandmother to truly uplift you in a profound yet Christ centred way. This is unto the glory of God alone. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for what God has done and who He is. In troubled times we come to who He is to pray and in all times we can praise Him for who He is inspite of what life does to us.

Scripture Nita Brainard Poems

The Bible is the revealed word of God. We know God exists when we see His creation. We see the purity of creation and yet the effects of sin on all that God made good. Nita Brainard brings this to life in her simple humble poems which are based on the scriptures known to loving Christian's as the Bible which is the word of God. The Bible is the inspired word of God and it is written by men over thousands of years. It is life changing and reveals who God is in the person of Jesus Christ and His attributes and ways of dealing with mankind. It glorifies God and is to be trenbled at. God listens to those who humbly tremble at His word and do what He says. God's word is not just to help us with our struggles, but it points us to where God knows our greatest needs are Spiritually even when we think our greatest needs are Physically.

The Christian's life and work Nita Brainard Poems

There are few things so bad as a man that has no purpose. God not only show sus where we have wrong desires and ways, but he also shows us the only true right way to know God and live with heavenly purpose. It is absolutely amazing that so many professing Christians feel absolutely great going nothing for God when we are supposed to love Him with all our heart and soul and mind. What has our hearts will fill our lives. It is that simple. Nita Brainard's simple yet profound poems illustrate this perfectly.

Horatius Bonar Poems

Horatius Bonar 1808 -1889. Horatius Bonar came from a long line of ministers in the Church of Scotland. Taught the ways of the Lord from his youth, Horatius Bonar was born and educated in Edinburgh. He stood firmly with the evangelicals in the disruption of his church and joined the Free Church of Scotland in 1843.  Horatius Bonar was a powerful soul winner with a heart for revival. His love for the Lord Jesus and his doctrinal depth are evident in his poetry.

John Bunyan Poems

John Bunyan 1628 -1688. John Bunyan was born in Bedfordshire, England. In 1653 he was baptised by immersion as a believer in the Lord Jesus. Without any formal education, John Bunyan became a preacher of the gospel. From 1660 – 1672 and again in 1675 - 6 he was imprisoned for preaching without a license. While in prison, John Bunyan began his famous book, Pilgrim’s Progress_, a book full of biblical imagery and one used of God in the lives of many Christians.

Glenn Conjurske Poems

Glenn Conjurske was the editor of Olde Paths and Ancient Landmarks, a magazine full of interesting and well-written articles on a wide variety of topics. Glenn Conjuske was raised in a Baptist church in Wisconson. He was converted to Christ at the age of 17, and shortly afterward he felt the call to preach. He strongly adhered to the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice, and he preached clearly and forcefully on faith, repentance, and separation from the world.

William Cowper Poems

William Cowper 1731 -1800. William Cowper was an Englishman, converted to Christ in 1764 while recovering from a bout of insanity. He became a fervent Christian. William Cowper remained a steadfast evangelical throughout his life, though he suffered repeated attacks to his mind that robbed him of assurance of salvation. William Cowper wrote a number of excellent hymns for John Newton’s collection of “Olney Hymns.” He also wrote poems about nature and rural life. He says of his writing, “I am merry that I may decoy people into my company, and grave that they may be the better for it.”

Jennifer Daniel Poems

Jennifer Rene Daniel is the wife of Keith Daniel. Born Jennifer Le Roux, Jenny was raised by godly parents in South Africa. She was converted as a young girl, and her love for the Lord Jesus is evident in her life. Jenny Daniel sprinkles her messages to women with original poetry. Her sweet and encouraging poetry has been collected into two books, Whispers and Further Whispers of Comfort. Keith and Jenny Daniel have three grown sons, one of whom (Roy Daniel) is a co-founder of this site.

Frances Ridley Havergal Poems

Frances Havergal 1836 – 1879 . Frances Ridley Havergal was the daughter of a godly English clergyman. She was saved as a young teenager in a girl’s school experiencing revival. Frances Havergal’s life was devoted to the service of Christ, and her fervent piety is evident in all she wrote. Besides poems, Frances Havergal wrote tracts, works for children, and hymn music.

Reginald Heber Poems

Reginald Heber 1783 – 1826. Reginald Heber was an Anglican clergyman. Having an interest in missions, Reginald Heber supported the newly formed Church Missionary Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society. Reginald Heber went himself to India as the bishop of Calcutta. He wrote many poems throughout his life. His most well-known hymns are “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “From Greenland’s Icy Mountains.”

George Herbert Poems


George Herbert 1593 – 1633. George Herbert was an English poet whose poetry has influenced the men of God of every age since his short life in the early 17th century. George Herbert was born in Wales to a wealthy family. In 1630 he gave up his secular employment and became an English clergyman. Richard Baxter said of George Herbert that he wrote as a man “whose business in the world is most with God.”

Eliza E Hewitt Poems

Eliza E Hewitt 1851 – 1920. Eliza Edmunds Hewitt wrote an amazing number of hymns. E. E. Hewitt was an invalid who turned to hymn writing on her bed of pain. Eliza Hewitt lived all her life in Philadelphia where she was a Sunday school superintendent at the Northern Home for Friendless Children and at the Calvin Presbyterian Church. Lidie H. Edmunds is a pseudonym for Eliza Hewitt.

Henry Francis Lyte Poems

Henry Francis Lyte 1793 – 1847. Henry Francis Lyte was a Scottish Anglican from a poor family. Lyte became an Anglican clergyman in 1815. In the following year Henry Francis Lyte was converted to Christ. A fellow clergyman had urged him to take the epistles of Paul in their plain and literal sense. He began to study the Bible in earnest and to preach in a very different manner than he had previously done. The depth of his commitment to Christ is evident in his excellent poety.

John Newton Poems

John Newton 1725 – 1807. John Newton is well-known for his famous hymn, “Amazing Grace.” John Newton was an English sailor and slave trader who was converted at sea in 1748. He became an evangelical clergyman in the Anglican church. While pastoring in Olney, England, John Newton contributed 280 hymns to a collection of “Olney Hymns” which was a joint effort with William Cowper.

Isaac Watts Poems

Isaac Watts 1674 – 1748. Isaac Watts is often called “The Father of English Hymnody.” It was his efforts and his original hymns which turned the tide in English churches from singing only from the Psalter. Isaac Watts was born in Southampton, England, the son of a nonconformist minister. Isaac Watts had a gift and an interest in rhyme from a very young child. Besides hymns he wrote poems for children and essays on logic and other themes. He was pastor of an Independent congregation until his health failed.

Charles Wesley Poems

Charles Wesley (1707 – 1788) was the younger brother of John Wesley. He was one of John’s first converts. After his conversion, Charles Wesley immediately began to preach the gospel with power and to see many souls saved. Charles Wesley was the main poet of the Methodist movement. He and John published their poems together without distinguishing  who wrote which ones, but by far the larger number of poems and hymns were written by Charles. John Wesley (1703 – 1791) was the founder and leader of the Methodist movement and the Evangelical Revival of the 18th century. When a young man John Wesley came to America as a missionary from England. In his travels John Wesley met Moravian Christians who had a faith that was as yet unknown to him. When he returned to England he began to preach that faith and became the means of salvation for multitudes. He formed his converts into societies which later became the Methodist Church.



Prayerclub Poets



Text Sermons

Welcome to the Text Sermon Section of Audio Sermon .net ! Here you will find Text Sermons by Godly preachers from hundreds of years back such as Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley and George Whitefield. You will also find sermons by people such as Keith Daniel, Otto Koning and O J Smith. The people in this section are from a broad base of church backgrounds , but all share in common a love for scripture, an appreciation of Holiness and a life and ministry centred arround the person and attributes of God in Christ Jesus. Please consider reading these text sermons and pray for us as people spend the time to type out sermons and load them from these and new Preachers over time. 2 Tim 4 : 02 "Preach the Word..."

Rhichard Baxter Text Sermons

1615 – 1691 Richard Baxter was a moderate dissenter of the Puritan era in England. Richard Baxter was a lover of peace who sought unity among Protestants, but he was also an independent thinker who had something to say about every major controversy of his time. Richard Baxter preached faithfully and wrote prolifically on many subjects. His articles are full of practical wisdom.

William Booth Text Sermons

1829 – 1912. William Booth was the founder and first general of the Salvation Army. He had an undying passion for the conversion of sinners. William Booth was converted around age 15. Soon after he began preaching among the Methodists. Later William Booth worked independently as an evangelist, forming a street mission that developed into the Salvation Army.

John Bunyan Text Sermons

1628 -1688. John Bunyan was born in Bedfordshire, England. In 1653 he was baptised by immersion as a believer in the Lord Jesus. Without any formal education, John Bunyan became a preacher of the gospel. From 1660 – 1672 and again in 1675 - 6 he was imprisoned for preaching without a license. While in prison, John Bunyan began his famous book,  Pilgrim’s Progress , a book full of biblical imagery and one used of God in the lives of many Christians. 

Glenn Conjurske Text Sermons

1947 -2001, Glenn Conjurske was the editor of _Olde Paths and Ancient Landmarks_, a magazine full of interesting and well-written articles on a wide variety of topics. Glenn Conjuske was raised in a Baptist church in Wisconsin. He was converted to Christ at the age of 17, and shortly afterward he felt the call to preach. He strongly adhered to the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice, and he preached clearly and forcefully on faith, repentance, and separation from the world.

Keith Daniel Text Sermons

A native South African, Keith Daniel was saved from a life of rebellion while still a young man. Keith Daniel has preached all over South Africa, in the United States, and in many other places. He preaches the truth without flinching, quoting extensively from the Word of God and telling powerful stories from real life experience. Keith Daniel walks with God, and he can bring you into the presence of God, if you will let him. He is the father of the one of the founders of Prayerclub. His personal website can be found here:

Samuel Davies Text Sermons

1723 -1761, Samuel Davies was born in Delaware. He was ordained as a Presbyterian missionary to Virginia in 1747. Samuel Davies was an enthusiastic and useful preacher. He succeeded Jonathon Edwards as president of Princeton University. Samuel Davies is well known for preaching what turned out to be his own funeral sermon. The title of his message was “This Very Year You Shall Die.” He died of pneumonia one month later, being only 37 years old.

Jonathan Edwards Text Sermons

1703 – 1758. Jonathon Edwards was an American of Puritan heritage. He played a critical role in the First Great Awakening. Jonathon Edwards gained assurance of salvation during his last year in college. He became an ordained minister and assistant to his grandfather Solomon Stoddard. When Stoddard died, Jonathon Edwards succeeded him as pastor in Northampton, Massachusetts. Revival broke out under his ministry in 1733 and again in 1741 when he preached his famous sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.

Christmas Evans

1766 – 1838. Christmas Evans was born in Wales on Christmas day. At age 17 Christmas Evans became the servant of a Presbyterian minister under whose influence he became religious. As he began to preach, he gravitated towards the Baptists. In 1788 he was baptised in the river Duar. Christmas Evans went out to preach to the scattered Baptists of Wales and in doing so had a conversion experience of his own. After this he spoke with new power of conviction that drew crowds to hear him. He had a vivid imagination, and he could make his congregation laugh one moment and cry the next. 

Charles G. Finney text Sermons

1792 -1875. Charles G. Finney was a leader in the Second Great Awakening in the United States. After a dramatic conversion, Charles G. Finney gave up the practice of law in order to preach the gospel. He became a Presbyterian minister. Charles G. Finney was an extemporaneous preacher of great power. He travelled and preached, seeing many people turned to faith in Christ.

Sam Jones Text Sermons

1847 – 1906. Sam P. Jones was a Methodist Preacher of the American South. Though having godly parents, Sam Jones was an ungodly drunkard. He was stirred by his father’s dying words to turn to the Lord Jesus, and his life was dramatically changed. He left the practice of law and began preaching the gospel. He held large revival meetings all over the Untied States. Sam Jones was known for his strong wit, his plain speaking, and his opposition to the liquor traffic. Many souls were brought to Christ through his preaching.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Text Sermons

1899 – 1981. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was born in Wales. He was for many years the minister of Westminster Chapel in London. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a solid separatist who stood for evangelical Christianity. Many of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ expository sermons have been published by Banner of Truth Trust, a publisher of which he was co-founder.

Martin Luther Text Sermons

1483 – 1546. Martin Luther was a German Monk who was brought to saving faith in Christ while in a monastery. In his attempt to stand for the word of God, Martin Luther opposed the Roman Catholic church and set the Reformation in motion. Martin Luther’s writings have influenced the people of God ever since. His translation of the Bible into German made the Word of God available to the common people of his country and influenced English Bible translations.

F. B. Meyer

1847 – 1929. F. B. Meyer (Frederick Brotherton) was a Baptist pastor and evangelist. He was born in England. but F. B. Meyer pastored churches and was involved in inner city mission work on both sides of the Atlantic. F. B. Meyer often spoke at Keswick Conventions. He travelled widely, preaching at conferences and evangelistic meetings in many places, including South Africa and Asia.

George Mueller Text Sermons

1805 – 1898. George Mueller was born and raised in Germany (then the Kingdom of Prussia). Though intended for a Lutheran pastorate, George Mueller lived a profligate life until 1825 when he attended a private prayer meeting of true Christians. His life was transformed by the power of Christ, and George Mueller soon began to preach to others. He was a man of faith and prayer, and he is well-known for his orphan work in Bristol, England. He also held evangelistic meetings around the world and was influential among the early Plymouth Brethren.

William Elbert Munsey Text Sermons

1833 – 1877. William Elbert Munsey was born in Virginia. He was converted at an old-fashioned Methodist camp meeting when he was 17. Soon after he began to preach. William Elbert Munsey was an eloquent preacher and a genius at painting word pictures. 

Pieter Scholtz Text Sermons

When Pieter Scoltz as a 13 year old boy came to repentance during the powerful revival that God worked in 1940 in Vryburg, South Africa the Lord worked in his heart to start a fire to one day go forth to proclaim the gospel. In 1947 he finished his training and thereafter he was an evangelist with a humble passion for Jesus. He preached the gospel at series of meetings, camps, churches and to individuals and groups. Everywhere people could meet with God and grow in their maturity in their Christian walk in assurance and faith. Later he became a lecturer and then principal at the bIble College he himself graduated from.  He is currently living at  “AMETIS’ 222, STRAND. Tel.021-8536673

Oswald J Smith Text Sermons

1889 – 1986. Oswald J. Smith was born in Ontario. He was converted at the age of 16 and began preaching in 1908. Oswald J. Smith applied for overseas mission work when he was 19, but was denied. He went to British Columbia and did evangelism among the loggers. Oswald J. Smith was the founder and for many years the pastor of the People’s Church in Toronto. He was a leading force for Fundamentalism in Canada.

T Austin Sparks Text Sermons

1888 – 1971. Thomas Austin – Sparks was born in London. He was saved at the age of 17 and was ordained as a preacher when 25. He pastored a church in the London area, travelled widely in Britain, and spoke at the Victorious Life Conference in Keswick Grove, New Jersey. From 1923 until his death he published a bi-monthly magazine called "A Witness and a Testimony". Both in writing and speaking the emphasis of T. Austin - Sparks ministry was the centrality and supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Charles Spurgeon Text Sermons

1834 – 1892. Charles H. Spurgeon was born in England, the son and grandson of godly preachers. After a long struggle, he was saved at the age of 16. Only four years later Charles H. Spurgeon became the pastor what is now called the London Metropolitan Tabernacle. His books and sermons make delightful reading. Charles H. Spurgeon is often called the Prince of Preachers. He was a prominent forerunner of the Fundamentalist movement. Here are over 2000 Spurgeon Text Sermons.

Billy Sunday Text Sermons

1862 – 1935, Billy Sunday was born in Iowa. He was a popular baseball player at the time of his conversion in the late 1880’s. In 1891 Billy Sunday gave up professional baseball in order to minister the gospel. With a humble beginning at the YMCA, Billy Sunday eventually became America’s most popular evangelist, holding huge evangelistic campaigns all across the United States. His pointed one-liners still charm and influence God-fearing people today. 

A W Tozer Text Sermons

Many called him a  "20th-century prophet"  He  was pastor of Southside Alliance Church in Chicago for 31 years. He was also for much of his ministry involved in the missionary alliance movement  A W Tozer wanted God's people to have the zeal scripture demands, and grieved over the apostasy of Christians. Leonard Ravenhill  spoke of him as one of the most impactful preachers in the American church. A.W. Tozer's is highly quoted by preachers and "He being dead , yet speaketh' can be said of him. He remains as a jewel in the historical crown of uncompromising voices of the History of Christianity. His books have sold in the millions with the most well known one being "The pursuit of God" Please enjoy and tell others of this special repositary.


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Literature Booklets

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Christian Discernment

Biblical Discernment is an extremely important topic range. We cannot follow Christ Jesus while ignoring the person behind the name. We need Bible based discernment to recognise counterfeit Christ's , counterfeit moves of the Spirit and false doctrines that may sound like they are similar to God's word, but cleverly lead us away from a simplicity in Christ. The Bible warns of false Christ's , spirits and gospels. We are to be Bereans searching the scriptures daily to make sure if these things are so.

Berea* ...

Acts 17 : 11 *These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

2 Cor 11 : 4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.


Illustrations and Quotes for Sermons

Here you will find a wide range of stories and quotes from History and the present age to help you make your sermons interesting and illustrate Bible concepts in a way people can understand better. We try to add more and more illustrations over time but concentrate on very good tear jerkers, humorous stories and amazingly clear pictures that help really give your sermon , article, book or even church bulliten some obvious punch. This is no substitute for searching the scriptures and studying for God to give you a sermon both from His heart and in context, but it does help people understand what you are trying to say. May God bless this in your and other people's lives.




Christian Blogs

Welcome to the Christian Blog section of the Audio Sermon site. Here you will be able to read regular thoughts Christians from all continents of the world. These will be preachers , missionaries, Authors, Apologetic writers and other interesting people who love Christ and would lift up His name in this fallen world. Christian Blogs are a wonderful opportunity to spread God's word in a 'up to date with recent events' way. There is power in the written word. We trust that you will pray for the Blogs on this site that God will use even these few fish and loaves of bread to feed multitudes of people with the truth of God in His word and through His Son. There is nothing as important as knowing God through Jesus Christ. God's message of peace through His Son is worth more than all the riches in the world. It is worth Blogging about. Amen

Chapel Chat Devotions


Lewellyn Tewksbury was a North Dakota rancher who used Box T Ranch as a Bible and saddle camp where young people were brought face to face the the claims of Christ in the midst of a high-energy camp. Lewellyn is retired now and his faithful wife, Florence Tewksbury has gone on to meet her Savior in heaven. Lewellyn Tewksbury lives in Harvey, North Dakota, where he preaches in a small assembly of believers and supports gospel work of all kinds.

 Lee Brainard

Chapel Chat Devotional

Lee Brainard lives in Harvey, North Dakota with his wife Nita. Lee Brainard is a preacher, an author, and an avid Greek student. Since May 2014 Lee has been writing the "Chapel Chats" as a ministry of the Harvey Gospel Chapel. The Chapel Chats are devotionals with a gospel thrust. They are printed weekly in the free insert of the local newspaper, The Harvey Herald.

Louis Gervais

Louis Gervais is a sinner saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  Although born and raised in Texas, he is currently a missionary sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Republic of South Africa.  Photography, filmmaking and history are among his personal interests.  The love of God sustains him (as does a love for God’s Word) and encourages him to reach out to lost souls. Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roy Daniel

Welcome to the Christian Blog of Roy Daniel . He is a Missionary / Evangelist in South Africa. He works mainly in Natal South Africa , but also has preached in India, Europe and North America. He has preaches on Christian Television ijn teh Afrikaans language on the Kruiskyk Heart Cry Channel. Roy is married to Jerusala Daniel. All he does He wishes to give the glory for to Jesus Christ without whom he has no message and without whose death and resurrection He could have no fruit. He has 3 children i.e. Glen, Ruth and Clarissa. He is the author of books such as 'Forgiveness' which teaches Christians how to forgive and he contributes tracts for the tract company Nathan Tracts. His official family site is and he is the co-founder or , as well as . Please pray for him and enjoy his writings and news below.  

Christian Poems

Welcome to the Poems section of Poetry on Prayerclub. Here you will find a wide variety  of poems by many different writers.  Some of the over 312 poems are written by poets from past ages and are well-known. Others are written by Audio Sermon users and their friends. The poems have differing degrees of literary value and spiritual maturity. All of them center on spiritual themes and are of use for edification. They are divided Aphabetically for Convenience. To read over 1700 poems by 18 of our choice poets, see our Main Poets section here :