Keith & Jennifer Daniel

Keith Daniel is a Missionary / Evangelist based in South Africa who preaches across South Africa and travels to preach in other countries each year. He is known as a humble man who loves to memorize and quote books of the bible in his sermons. He, Keith Daniel is also known for his intense real life illustrations and stories. Perhaps mostly he is known as a simple man who gave his life to Christ and is being used as a weak vessel by a mighty God. Keith Daniel has his own personal website at and his son has one at  

 Keith Daniel has had the opportunity to preach  across South Africa, in Zimbabwe,Namibia as well as America, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand since 1971.

God has burdened him with an unique ministry, enabling him to memorize large sections of Scripture, sharing it in a God anointed way.

Other messages deal with  God’s intervention in lives placing  great emphasis on God’s word and the need for every Christian to faithfully read it. His choice of subject covers a wide range dealing with temptation, failure, persecution, opposition, witnessing ,Christlikeness, the Christian home etc Many testify of the radical change God wrought in their lives  as they had the opportunity to listen in  services, conventions, combined outreaches, schools and by means of the internet.  May God be glorified and continue to use His servant.

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