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Roy Daniel (South Africa) is an itinerant evangelist who by God's grace preaches in churches, conventions and schools across areas of South Africa, He also travels twice a year to different countries such as the  USA holding youth and church outreaches and preaching at conventions. He has also been to India and England on occassions. He is a co-founder of and and is the author of various Christian Books and bookletts such as "Answers on Assurance of Salvation","The man who smoked his bible", "How music affects Christians" and "How God encourages Christians" . He also is co-compiler of the Prayer Club Hymnal.  He is 30 and married  Jerusala Hargett October 09 2010. He is presently in Natal, South Africa. He gives all Glory to the Lamb that was slain for any fruit on his ministry! If you want to contact him you can at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  phone             0823020892       from USA 01127823020892. 
His family and information website is Roy Daniel