The Giver

There’s no one who loves like my Father in heaven,
Who so loved the world that He gave us His Son,
And nobody gives like my Father has given,
Whose many great promises can’t be outdone.

So why would we seek on the earth to find treasure,
When He who has given all things is above,
And pours on His people in infinite measure
The proof of His goodness and wealth of his love?

In Christ all the riches of grace we inherit;
We’re chosen in Him to be children and heirs.
The least of His gifts we’re unworthy to merit,
Yet all of the wealth of His kingdom He shares.

Why covet the world’s empty praise and vain pleasures?
Its riches and honour are transient at best.
But God gives eternal and unfading treasures,
And in the Lord Jesus we’re perfectly blessed.

Despise not the riches of goodness He shows us,
Abide not in darkness, but walk in the light.
That we should be holy before Him He chose us
And gives in Christ Jesus the strength to do right.

~ Nita Brainard