I Need Not Fear

My feet are dragging forward
      With reluctance, precious Lord,
For all the loads of yesteryear
      Upon my back are poured.

Instead of leaning hard on Thee
      And finding strength to face
The challenges each day will bring,
      I falter in the race.

The enemy is whispering
      A darkened future, Lord.
Instead of shutting up my ears,
      I’ve his suggestions stored.

And so it is a faltering child
      That comes at brink of year
To say – forgive my failures, Lord,
      My lack of faith and fear.

I lift my visage heavenwards;
      Eternity I see.
I know amidst life’s trivial trials
      I’m marching, Lord to Thee.

I need not fear the future, Lord.
      It rests within Thy hand,
And thus with confidence I tread
      The path that Thou hast planned.

~Jenny Daniel