The Load Has Come with Passing Years

The load has come with passing years;
      A prayer became a cry.
Where e’er I go the burden’s there,
      ‘Midst a depressing sigh.

I smile, I laugh within the crowd,
      My burdens deep within;
A heart-ache gnawing at my side
      ‘Midst all the clamour, din.

But some-one knew and saw my pain.
      He tenderly stood by.
He would not force His sympathy,
      But lingered ever nigh.

One day when life seemed dark indeed
      And far too hard to bear,
I chanced to hear His soft drawn sigh,
       “Ah – when will you draw near?

“Child, let this load rest in My hand.
      It is too hard to bear.”
What wondrous joy when He did take
      My burdens in His care!

The load is yet a heavy one,
      And yet my back is free,
For Jesus came and took it up.
      He bears it now for me.

~Jenny Daniel