Dark Clouds Round Daniel

Dark clouds were gathering ‘round Daniel that day,
Hinting that he should depart from God’s way.
Should he obey as his life was at risk?
Lions that are hungry make dinner quite brisk!

Daniel was threatened.— Would he compromise,
Secretly pray, hid from men’s prying eyes?
No, he was faithful; he did as before,
Honouring God, though men stood at the door.

He was arrested and punishment came,
Thrown in the pit with the lions far from tame.
God sent an angel to safeguard His child;
Muzzled the lions sat, both placid and mild.

Daniel was faithful. Thus he passed the test.
He did not falter, shame God , like the rest.
Will I be faithful when things go quite wrong?
Showing like Daniel to whom I belong?

~Jenny Daniel