Hearken to Me, Oh Daughter

Hearken to Me, oh daughter.
     Yes, hear your heavenly king.
Forget thy father’s people
     And to My being cling.

I see in you rare beauty.
     I long to save your soul,
To take you broken vessel
     And make you truly whole.

You too, oh erring daughter,
     Who failed so public’ly,
Do not allow the devil
     To rob and cripple thee.

For he would scar your beauty
     And rob you of your crown;
Defile your golden garments
     And keep your spirits down.

Rise up, oh kingly daughter,
     Receive my pardon true;
Reflect my grace and beauty;
     Let me your soul renew.

Thy daughter bows in reverence,
     Submits to Thee, oh King.
Her heart, her life, her being
     She doth with gladness bring.

~Jenny Daniel