Can Thy Word Still Be Fulfilled

Oh can Thy word still be fulfilled?
With fear my courage has been stilled.
I cannot hope – I cannot see
How thou canst make it true for me.

But perfect love should not instil
Fears, doubts, beneath God’s perfect will.
For His own word can never fail,
Despite the storms, it will prevail.

Ah Lord, a loved one went astray.
Alone I cry, in deep dismay.
Can Thou o’ercome my wounded grief?
Can she repent – I find relief?

“My child, when hearts do still My voice
And turn from Me, they seal their choice.
Their pleasures will be bitter gall
‘Twixt Me and them, sin’s dreadful wall.

“My word will fall upon their way
To call them out from sin’s dread sway,
But you, dear hurt and floundering one,
Must lean more fully on God’s Son.

“My love is there to comfort you.
My peace will bid you hope anew.
My hand points out to heaven above
Where fears are gone and trials are past.”

~Jenny Daniel