The Pure

Unto the pure, all things are pure,
      For they do look upon
The true , the good, the innocent
      And shun all sin and wrong.

Unto the pure all things are pure,
      For since the world’s begun,
Within it’s sordid boundaries
      From evil they will run.

E’en in the depths of darkness,
      They see God’s glimmering light.
They know God’s intervention;
      They walked by faith, not sight.

With sadness, sorrow, hardship
      They know God rules above,
And in the time appointed
      He’ll show His hand of love.

There’s much not comprehended
      Upon this earthly sphere,
But looking unto Heaven,
      They wait to see it clear.

With face like flint, faced upwards,
      They keep their garments pure,
And so despite the onslaughts,
      As pure, they will endure.

~Jenny Daniel