My Confidence Has Slipped

Dear Lord, I let my confidence
In Thee, Thy word, Thy power
Slip from my fingers in this year,
And thus my life turned sour.

My joy in Thy salvation,
The peace that is within,
Had disappeared as doubt crept in—
And doubting Thee is sin.

Thus in exasperation
I flung my trust away.
I did not lean on Thee at all
To be my strength and stay.

Because dark doubt had tiptoed in,
My heart met dark despair.
For in the darkness Thy own light
Was dim, drowned out by care.

But now, dear Lord, I come to Thee,
Confessing doubts and fear.
To Thee, who ruleth over all,
Thy faltering child draws near.

I know my God in heaven
Is sovereign over all.
I will not doubt His goodness,
Though hardships o’er me fall.

This life is but a passage
To heaven, where at last
I’ll understand God’s dealings,
Pain, tears, and trials past.

Thus confidence I’ll take up;
I’ll not cast it away,
For my redeemer liveth;
I’ll trust Him every day.

~Jenny Daniel