I Used To Trust Thy Word

I used to trust Thy word, Oh Lord.
      It was my strength and stay.
But then I lost my confidence,
      And stumbled on my way.

The promises that used to keep
      My faith buoyant and strong
Are not the same, for I’m scared that
      To me they don’t belong.

I’ve disappointed Thee, dear Lord,
      And thus I am afraid
To clasp Thy word, rely on it—
      From Thee, Thy child hath strayed.

Ah, precious one, how can you spurn
       My word that speaks to thee?
That brings the light, points out the way
      Into eternity

It shows that sin is paid for;
      Points to My sacrifice;
Describes how you can conquer
      O’er evil, sin and vice.


It tells of My compassion,
      Forgiveness and My love,
My tenderness to carry
      My lambs to heaven above.

Thus, Lord, Thy word, I’ll treasure,
      With confidence I’ll read,
For in it Thou hast promised
      To meet my every need.

~Jenny Daniel