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Christian Audio Testimonies

Christian Audio Testimonies
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Here you can listen to Audio Testimonies of people who have been saved by repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ alone. There are thousands of Testimonies of how God came down and lifted men out of the miry clay of sin. These Christian testimonies are based on the Bible message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are not strange emotional experiences or the application of men's laws which cannot change the heart or buy forgiveness. Man needs outside help due to living without God and doing sin. In light of who man is and what man has done compared to who God is ( perfect / Holy) we are in desperate need of a Savior. This is to escape eternal judgment for our sins and to be made alive ( as we are dead in sin).We need a sinless savior to die in our place who would rise again defeating sin, death and Hell. Jesus Christ was God's gift to mankind so that we can be saved by grace through faith. God gave God ( His Son) to die in our place for our sins. No Testimony would be possible without what God did to make the gospel message possible. God commends His love in dying for His enemies. All glory for salvation must be placed at the feet of God alone. Therefore it is not of works but of grace that no man should boast. 

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