A Haunting Melody

In the midst of all the clamour
      That a Christmas Season brings,
There is a haunting melody
      That in the chaos rings.

It speaks of God’s compassion,
      Of His boundless love and grace,
A manger with a baby small
      To save the human race.

It points to His perfection
      As the chosen Lamb of God,
As countless steps are chronicled
      Upon the path He trod.

It whispers of the price He paid
      While on the cross He hung;
Our sins upon His body laid,
      He our forgiveness won.

It laughs that death was powerless
      To keep Him prisoner;
Triumphant He arose on high
      Our Mighty Conqueror.

And thus amidst the turmoil
      Of the Christmas holiday,
There is a haunting melody
      That blesses me each day.

~Jenny Daniel