Among the Shouting Crowd

She lay among the shouting crowd,
      Condemned, accused, despised;
A woman who had stooped so low
      ”Kill her!” the angry cries.

And then the Saviour came, drew near.
      He gazed upon their rage;
Read the life book of their lives,
      Each self righteous page,

Bending and writing in the sand.
      Men did blush for shame.
Was it hidden sin exposed,
      Written name by name?

”He that hath no sin,“ Saith He,
      Had the right to throw
Stones upon this wretched soul,
      Cowered here below.

Stealthily they slunk away.
      Guilt had silenced them.
Then the Master turned to her,
      ”Child, I’ll not condemn.

“But I call thee to repent.
      Go and sin no more.
From the darkness to the light
      Pass, I am the door!”

~Jenny Daniel