The Samaritan Woman at the Well

Her heart was filled with sin and mire,
With bitterness and hate.
Just looking at the life she led—
Her fallen, low down state.

No-one knew all the misery
That filled her lonely heart,
Or how she longed that she could make
A clean and wholesome start.

Alone she drew her water,
Beneath the midday sun,
For all and sundry knew her deeds,
And therefore, her did shun.

But then the Master came, who knew
Why she had fallen low,
And why she embraced misery;
Each heart-ache He did know.

To her He offered pardon,
Himself – the water true,
So that this broken vessel
Could be remade anew.

Where sin had filled her being
The Living water sped,
And washed each murky corner
By what the Master said.

~ Jenny Daniel