Life Is So Busy

Life Is So Busy

Life is so busy, no time for much prayer.
I am just running and filled with despair.
Food preparation and schoolwork and more—
I am not coping — to God a closed door.

Surely, dear Father, Thou wilt understand
That there’s no time to serve Thee, as I planned.
Life’s gained momentum and I’ve drowned therein;
Perhaps that’s the reason I dabbled with sin.

No room for Jesus is dangerous ground;
No room for Jesus will me soon confound.
Without His help, burdens increase in weight —
Don’t keep the door closed until it’s too late.

Never too busy to seek Him in prayer!
Busy with pots? You can still meet Him there.
Schoolwork and study will soon better grow,
If you let Jesus direct them below.

~ Jenny Daniel